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W H A T   W E   D O


For 35 years, designTECH has been providing Interior Design Services for a variety of residential clientele.   Project sizes vary and may include some or all of the below services.  We’d love to help you curate a space that feels uniquely you.



We want your space to seamlessly fit your lifestyle.  Whether you’d like to consider re-working the layout within the existing walls or exploring an addition, we’re eager to help get you started with a plan.  Our team is equipped with Certified Interior Designers and offers space planning services for everything from kitchen and bath planning to large-scale remodels and additions.    


Ready to have fun?  Let’s work together to establish your style and create a personalized retreat.  We work with you to achieve your desired aesthetic by providing you with options for your space, which can include materials, fixture specifications, furniture finishes, lighting design, accessories, art, millwork and interior features.


Not always required, but available if you need them - We are capable of providing a complete set of construction documents, partnering with engineers and Architects, when required.  Are you an Architect or already have an Architect you love?  Great!  We are happy to provide the interior design sheets to supplement the set of drawings.  Construction administration services are available if requested.  


Re-using existing heirloom pieces?  Desire a complete refresh?  Let us help you curate a space that is beautiful now and for years to come.  Whether you desire selections for one room or an entire home, we have access to a multitude of residential and commercial grade furniture manufacturers to select from.  

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